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have been recorded ; and it might be thought that the disturbance

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called emaciated unless food be fitfully or persistently refused ("anorexia

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gnosed as acute rheumatism, but there are no articular symptoms. Small

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modification of the plantar reflex previously noticed, and incontinence


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people, otherwise sane, to stand an asthmatic boy up against

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different ; in the former, tonic and clonic convulsions begin in one upper

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close examination faint leashes of blood-vessels may be seen coursing

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salicylic acid (aa gr. xxx. in collodion §j.) is a cleanly and efficacious

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of Liq. carbonis picis, 3ss. ; hydrargyri ammoniati, gr. x. ; paraffini

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mental disease. An initial stage of depression or irritability, followed

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disposed to its influence ; but as a rule the hallucinations and ideas of

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many times with the same technique, the estimate 95

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they are calculated. An error in red-cell count of 500,000 can

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was seen in November 1890, and coincidently, according to the patient's

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degenerates and causes the destruction of all the normal elements of the

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ment to the circulation but to a chemotactic action from the side of the

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hands and not on your face ; notice with care whether movements are

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matters connected with the delusion he is incapable of estimating facts

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astringents with antiseptic or tarry applications restrains the possibly

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view, I trespass on my neighbour's preserves, and disturb his sitting

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In some cases a certain amount of evidence is in favour of this multiplica-

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The critically important parts of an analytical balance are the

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being eflfected through this magic treatment by proxy, or

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sickness and an accident most sensibly puts out ; it is a deli-

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in the scars of various destructive processes. In the more ordinary form

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are to cleanse and sterilise the skin, to make up by mechanical means

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Lob, Dreifus-Brisac, Laprevotte, Bouveret and Devic and Miller, among

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1. Bastian. Hysterical or Functional Paralysis. Lond. 1893. — 2. Briquet.

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the epidermis at the end of the burrow away from the vesicle, care being

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misfortune, and whilst he is remedying it as far as he can

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It is a fact worthy of notice that some of the finest descrip-

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shape and material to the skull-caps worn by Bishops and


there are the visceral congestions and especially inflammatory states of


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