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for a long time thought to be a distinct malady, and was described under
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presence of mucus is not constant. Moreover, and this is the chief point,
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tion of a pouch by pressure from within. The pouch, which is formed in
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into the large follows the removal of the latter's contents ; then a change
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respects, is an artery. The left ventricle sends its charge into the aorta,
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Expansion of the lung may be aided by the use of blow-bottles,
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and of tuberculosis ; in such cases there may be well-marked atony. In
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may occur at an earlier stage and be recovered from.
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mented scar tissue ; it may be variously contracted and dilated in conse-
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months in spite of treatment. I have seen it disappear in from two
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*' dcrgone before." — How far the foap-lee may be
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such as corrosive poisons, etc. ; second, interference with the vitality of
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part being passed in the stools. The almost total absence of yellow colour
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however, an unstable body, and after a certain time it unites with some of
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medical supervision, etc., but on the whole sanatoria are usually a great
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the original diforder. If the firfl; of thefe forts of
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main chaimel of <>xcretion is considered to be the urinary tract,
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window, or resort to some other method of self-destruction. It is our duty
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the milk is brought never reaches 95° C. Sunlight has a powerfully
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cautious even of wetting his feet, and turns afide to
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sparing one house and attacking the next, of its sparing one side of a street
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renal or biliary colic. The pain may be referred from the first to the right
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tuberculous gland, while twice it was the result of peritoneal tuberculosis,
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enlargement of the tonsils, sometimes more marked on the one side than
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inoculation of the virulent virus. We can thus understand that, where too
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changes Sir Berkeley Moynihan has well described as "the pathology
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The University will impose a minimum fee of .$25.00 per month.
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As pleuritic diforders are apt to leave a taint on the
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were fwelled, either on one fide or on both, accord-
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staggering gait, muscular paresis, and loss of speech, in women who had


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