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system often injure the cause of science, by injudiciously dis-

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the reasons why life should be prolonged, or that it is the duty

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leading to impairment and disorder of the mental faculties, and to para-

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having its gangUon cells located both in the semilimar ganglion,

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bits of the retina of an animal recently killed, and cut off with an

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a few weeks, he had entirely recovered. A slight diminution of motor

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livino- in a i)rivate boarding house in this city had scarlatina. The mother

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oloo-y may fail to overcome the prejudices of prescription ;

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What mechanical factors cause these structures to appear is

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Clark, presented the characteristic bronzing, although less intense than

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of the terminaUs plexus of the nasal septimi shown in figure 4.

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by the use of mercury as a medicine and by mercurial inunctions. In the

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dently moulds of the convoluted tubes, and arc commonl}- known as casts.

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the octagonal liandle of the knife rotate several times on its axis,

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malaria or lead-poisoning, conditions having diagnostic criteria irrespec-

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Shortly afterward, Allis ('97) described and figured in the

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one to two lines in diameter. The redness momentarily disappears on

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3. The 3Iuscles of the Back. — Yalleix calls tile affection in this situ-

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nerve there are scattered smaller ganglia and isolated cells. Fib-

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are deemed useful by many, if not most, physicians. Of cauterizing ap-

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1916 An introduction to neurology. Philadelphia, Pa.

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degree. The latter, as seen from the figure, is either a fall or a

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one person to another by the introduction of a virus, and never, at a dis-

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are more or less distension of the vessels of the meninges, flattening of the

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first for the medical class to repress manifestations of mirth. In cases

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ness, hemiplegia, paraplegia, and paralysis limited to a single member,


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