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tained by other more tangible remedial agents. Many

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agement sufficed in a short time to remove all this dis-

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not consider itself as having endorsed or censured the opinions in former published

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lack of understanding. I think that the medical pro-

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which some have entertained, that rabies may be developed in man sponta-

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Lenliartz was very valuable, and he hud been satisfied with it.

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Talcc of myrrh, of opium, of each p. X- of" washed lead, of Samian earth,

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cult. Nevertheless, it wact easy to detect the disappearance of the

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climate of the adjacent coasts of continents in the north-

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Habana, 1895-6, xxxii. 367-379. Also: Cr6n. med.-quir. de

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remainder of the solution, which in turn is expelled.

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and below, and encroach unduly on those of other organs, notably the heart

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From this point of view the various antiseptic liquids em-

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and continuing slowly at the present time. It is generally

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"aiodin." It is claimed to be very rich in iodine. Dr. Otto Lanz

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vent accumulation of blood; and when the arm is brought to

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was later expelled. Two other cases were likewise suc-

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larger, the normal connective tissue of the sweat glands and follicles,

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fever. Most of them recovered, but four died ; and in each fatal case the

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however. The principal flies that infest wounds are the flesh-fly (SarcopkUa

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administer it to him. They might have preferred to carry on with

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■with a total population of 5.602,841 and a total

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and physicians. On the motion of Dr. William H. Barney,

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be mistaken for a form of purpura. They are, however, unlike purpura,

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these ignorant people. Indeed, this is a question of such import-

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there is free traffic in contagion, they go through most of

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Dilatation of the upper portion of the neck is very frequently accom-

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years without the recognition of a trouble that leads to a blocking of

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Emphasis should be on nondestructive procedures and

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The Incuhation Period. — This is usually given as being twelve days

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days, April 21, 1883. Detailed as Recorder of Board of Exam-

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