Phenadoz Promethazine Hcl Suppositories

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is needed besides the regulation of the bowels, which always

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sors Silliman and B. Silliman, Jun., and J. D. Dana, &c. Published Bi-

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pathetic nerves in vegetative functions, keeping them in

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severe case of laryngeal diphtheria. We did the best we could to lessen

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special saw with a guard for this purpose. It is a dangerous tool in

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left the hospital on the eleventh day. In the case of the

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They should be administered with great care, the heart's ac-

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give no information, and I am obliged to glean my in-

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ter, were closed by the singing of an original hymn.

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consultation to determine the therapeutic advisabil-

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attacks suddenly. The arteries of the neck and temples beat strongly, the head is hot while

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involvement), the eyeball of the affected side, and paralysis of the muscles

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direct proportion to the quantity of quinin sold. For in-

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fjy'ss ; Caraway, Fennel, aa n^x ; Dil. alcohol, Oviij). — Resembles

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when the temperature was rising (Figs, 1, 2, and 3). Similar results

phenadoz promethazine hcl suppositories

tinued until tlie whole is reduced to a No. 20 powder.

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criminate imagined paraplegia, inasmuch as hysterical paralysis may instantly

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hemorrhage he had also observed and the patient narrowly

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In a previous article by Dr. Hall, in the Journal of Agricultural

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as in the pig and rabbit. It may, also, in the same

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months ago. It gave no trouble until within a few days, when the old

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most obstinate of eczemas may be made to yield. A combination

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of state-room ; duration of voyage, about 6 J days.

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heart-failure, attended with no other symptom, and from

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action, the fact must not be lost sight of, that, after a futile attempt at

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tied. The artery of the septum scroti being uninjured, was easily

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was very short, and sometimes laborious, yet she felt no pain,

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