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2lPt. and made an important statement with reference to future

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Dirty. — Smaller Death-rate among Jews than among Christians.

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these parasites more than a year ago he was wishing to

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with Hunter's ideas, for we know of no such matter, either in

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longs to the, in my experience, somewhat limited class of

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five ounces of blood. The result was very apparent, for on

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Relieve that treatment has sometimes arrested the disease,

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" island cold " is an a jual visitant, its appearance following

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c^ses. Other districts heavily visited are Astrakhan. Ekate-

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" inoculable" and " transmissible." A little knowledge has

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man of the Parliamentary Bills Committee of the British

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chloroform only afTects the heart in combination with an

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The President and College or Commonalty of the Faculty of

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D. PcBLic Medicine. — President: II. E. Armstrong, D.Hy.

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sounds, came to the aiil of the decipherer, and for this pur-

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memory of the modest investigator, and may offer him the

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above the obstruction as well. He would like to know the

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has a special affinity for certain stains, and is, in fact, chro-

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a year, a " deplorable and disastrous failure." Several

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hundreds of times for breaches of the law complicated with

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two or three weeks. A short time ago I had occasion to in-

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25 dollars the reporter I >ei-a'ne a Deleter of Philosophy. It is

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apparatus. But it seems strange that Dr. Cagney should have

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that it was not a right method of practice that medical men

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liams's evidence as reported might serve as a model in such

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sible precaution is taken to prevent it, and we cannot but

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rent, which caused the muscles of left arm to contract with ease. Tlie

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restraint, were affected. Other medical witnesses, among

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of neither robust physique nor constitution, and, hospitable in

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out that it had been clearly shown that shock was naturally


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