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bacillus was short and thick, having rounded extremities, often
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and charlatans, and therefore, desire this 'higher education.' "
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tities of pyogenic substance will be produced to cause a
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was scheduled for Pittsburgh. The auxiliary convention
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Commission on Cancer: Stanley P. Reimann, 703 West Phil-
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intestine by means of a long rubber tube, once a day, produced at
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general practice that is always the lot of the beginner, he is thirty-
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900 prescriptions showed that 54 per cent were for offi-
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more distinct and regular, the temperature rises, the skin becomes
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newed interest. The commission feels that this work
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of establishing difficult and complicated methods of
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is a graduate of an approved medical college who is
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Austin L. Cort, Frederick Eberson, Henry W. Erving,
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ander, Francis J. Arch, Joseph H. Barach, Joseph H.
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pathologic report. The cases used are excellent and
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account of the U. S. Pharmacopeia, the thirteenth edi-
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in the medical sciences. The amounts allowed for re-
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doses three times a day, in the case of a patient suffering from
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County, or State From What It Is to What It Ought to Be.
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equal to the wonders of medical progress has been the
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Homer B. Fegley, Maj., Walter Reed Hospital, Washington,
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Since decontamination of places, objects, food, water
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hospitals, the records to be co-ordinated by Dr. Keefer
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when he can no longer pay his washer woman, the landlady
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fact is becoming strongly fixed in the minds of scientific men that
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both local and general, as the attempted removal of the filUng
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are doctors who are debtors, and who are not very responsive to
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* Read “Doctor, Can You Spare a Nickel?” page 1163, this
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have been interesting to hear the decision of the court in this case.
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293 CENTRAL PARK WEST, NEW YORK, N. Y .— Tel. SChuyler 4-0770
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men’s Compensation Act” was the subject of the next
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to act on the assumption that they are a trifling matter
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in 1844, cited the greatest American pioneer, Daniel
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cepted the committee report covering many issues at
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