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3. Sterno-hydideus. A muscle arising from the sternum, and inserted
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splitting or a paramedian incision. Drainage is pre-
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markable tendenry to form coloured compounds. The emerald and the
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R. Emmett Kane, M.D., St. Louis: I do not know how j
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14. i?«d-os»(o.se (d)iT/ro's, impulsion). The property by which rarer
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C\CliO NKURA] (mIkAos, a circle, vtvpov, a nerve). A term
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you take one bite of bread, potato, or starch of any
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material under each turned up nail. The condition con-
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' EAliTH OF ALUM. A preparation used in making paints, and
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His collaborators represent an imposing list of names in today’s medical
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consisting generally of the desiccated secretion of a follicular cyst of the
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This survey of the nutritional significance of fat again
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parts or principles of bodies previously held together by chemical attrac-
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20 sets of twins. Asked about the different places in
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of rest, and too often the price is death. How com-
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blunt sac had acquired an angular indentation and a
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discharge frequently will be of help in determining
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at 75 cents per day and it was not long until he had
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2. Lichenic acid. An acid, aUo called fumaric acid, discovcrca m
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wheaten or other flour. One pound of this biscuit is said to contain
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A most efficient and permanent preparation, REMARKABLE for its efficacy and THERAPEU-
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of the Tubercula of Bateman. The term is said to be derived from the
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licyl is the radical of the salicylic group, a subdivision of the benzoic
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pustule). A non-contagious, cutaneous, vesicular disease, called
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being sufficient to form an acid with the substance oxidated. 2. The
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without being essential to the existence of this part, as a thorn or gland
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are all of equal size, as in ferns. These are intermediate between those
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4. Sub-clavian. The designation of an artery, situated under the
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REFINING. The act of purifying anything; particularly the
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appointment and appliance for the treatment of this class of
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and used as a particle of negation, as in incontinence ; sometimes
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nent and Palatable, and of proper consistence, about that of Rich
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acid. The term ferruginous is applied to certain salts and mineral
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in which the patient suddenly falls senseless to the ground.
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from April 1st to May 30th. Graded three year course required. Women admitted. Clinical facilities.
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1. Sulphur crudum. Rough or crude sulphur, the result of the
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; witli reference to iiis doctrine of the distinct blood proper and chylo-
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Latin writers to denote the accession or commencement of a paroxysm.
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lasting seven days ; and morbi suIkicuH, hasting from twenty to forty days.
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EPA'NETUS (cTrai/ETos, remitting, sc. TrupcTos, fever). A term
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Physicians who keep their own books will find this of
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IPOMTK'/V PURGA. The J.alap Ipomaca; a Convolvulaceous


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