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liriL'l> ()| L'l.lMMl \M) Dl^l- \-l.> ()\ \()rM)> 20-

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scalp and the underlying periosteum, together with adherent frag-

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or gratitude !) at least, certainly no complaint. From the relations

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The discovery that Pilocarpine would cure baldness was

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loudly for sympathy and alleviation. Not only is it in the highest

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my absence from hospital on vacation. Her former child had

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tingham, Ohio, August 23, 1901. The patient is a short, com-

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we hear rhonchus and sibilus ; treatment, purgatives emetics

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cisions are made; Adjunctive tests which are additional

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for at least one week, and in their room for hypertrophied surfaces to the insertion of the

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B=Atimissions into all Serbian ^ c. Suspension of Pail vvajf Traffic n. A Secona increase lO ctays 3 fter h.

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c.c. antitetanic serum injected in each brachial plexus, in each

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Cbmmittee, by the Bostow Medical and Surgical Journal So-


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disinclination to the accustomed duties of life, constitute the evidences of

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patient slept; if the outdoor air was cold, so much the better;

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arterial pressure occurs after section of the spinal cord

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tubercle of the tibia. Some of the lateral aponeurotic fibres

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installed at the West London Hospital some years ago, and when de-

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The community expects always the practitioners to be

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be a great many domestic circles affected by this form of

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wedc of fever. Kepeated negative tests were not sufficient to

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boiling point. During the latter part of the heating process 5 c.c.

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be normal, with the exception of the heart. ITie walls of

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the first semester of the second year by a series of lectures and demonstra-

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in his endeavor to correct a supposed displacement, broke down

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examine for entrance into the military service there

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Williams Cheever, Paul Leopold Friedrich, Solon Marks

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with the duration of life unless the muscles of respiration or those of

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whose interests were solely with the clergy or the bar. But

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Chronic Cystitis. — Resulting from enlarged prostate, retained or altered

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the patient was very pale and the pulse small and weak. It was

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Mario E. Ruiz, MD, Brian E. Lundeen, MD, and John R Sty, MD

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took a severe cold, and from that time her health failed.

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and on the great number of the simultaneously acting forces, as well as the

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Put her hand to the pit of the stomach, and gasped for breath ; could not

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bring on reaction, and if often repeated they may, when reaction sets

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direction in which it should go. The authorities of the school believe that

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confusions and apparent contradictions, as that which treats of rheuma-

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full acute disease, and been sent into the ward. Of the remaining nine, four

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profusely secreting ulcer, gradually spreading into the cervical

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last presented itself when a solitary girl was bathing in the

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possible drainage. In about three weeks the cavity had closed

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1872. Says that his father died with Syphilis. Had suffered with cough and fever severd


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