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that the phenomena of genuine progressive bulbar paralysis may be closely

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walk is that such a position contributes slightly toward bringing the center

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peripheral nerves was practically unknown not very long ago, many investiga-

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described which must be enumerated. They are not prominent symptoms in

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a solution of the red blood corpuscles in the blood serum, hemoglobin is ex-

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and a stodent who has passed either of them is admitted to study

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d. Ve'^l^lcatlon Origin Graoe - ir:^ consists cinclln: sufficient s^^;

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severe organic diseases (tabes, brain tumor, etc.). We have seen a patient

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(sulphate of zinc). The best antidotes are freshly prepared ferric hydrate

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Theoretical and Operative 8nrg&ry, one course; DiaeieotionB,. two

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of touch and superficial pressure stimuli, pain, cold and heat stimuli, etc.

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exert an important influence upon the development and course of hysteria.

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they exist below the point of lesion. In general the

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c. Trachea, esophagus and crop are removed by pulling them through the incision

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Diseases of the Nervous System-. Practical illustrations of the appli-

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than is malposition of the uterus or constriction of the cervical canal. It is

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nity and for the clinical practice and training of negro physicians and students are pro-

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Sometimes the aura passes away without being succeeded by any true epileptic

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