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of sober truth, when I say that some of those Fellows
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quency at different periods of the day are stated to be a striking feature
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ing forth of organizable lymph in their walls, by which means a
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volving the ankle-joint, tibia, astragalus, and os calcis. The disease,
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evidence against him and others, provided it be corroborated by circum stances
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The patient experienced but little pain, although a very
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his statement. But why he should have overlooked the interesting
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11. — A woman, 34 years old, had suffered from excessive
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530. — Kratz (H. E.) How may fatigue in the seliool-
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with cesspools of various sizes, many of which were damaged and
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tin) after equiHbrium was reached {i.e. after about 18 hours). The
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supply and nutrition and regulate all the various functions of the
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832. — Floureus. TS'oiivelles experiences sur la co-
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trephine is carried well into, but not through the bone, when the dental canal is
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more, Md., made some remarks, in which he expressed
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In nolle of the cases could the cause of the paralysis be discovered.
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and must be carefully washed off before the infant is allowed to
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Prout, Bouchardat, and others. The notable effect of excluding from the
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that the ultimate therapeutical value of laparotomy
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of Medicine, at Paris, several cases of croup and diphtheritis in which
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fleas with which we have worked all along was fortunately


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