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nute living organisms, but it is evident to my mind that
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the carotid No microscopical examination was made of
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and Fisher's after 2 years, while Hildebrand's patient
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will be along practical lines intended to determine whether
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by assuming that instead of, or together with, inspiration, the
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Dr. a. Jacobi offered the following amendment to the
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and the narrowness of the palpated coils may indicate that the obstruc-
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small and on this drive so crowded that all the children sat with their heads
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uterine cavity should be treated like an old discharging sinus, viz., by scraping it
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him, at the end of every few miles' journey, with a bullock,
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a back nst and pelvic support. At either side of the end neanst the
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miraculous revelation, and filled our mental horizon with blissful
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the following fact : The diseases are not governed or changed in char-
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Internal Medicine. Feb 1988; The Medical Journal of Australia. Feb 1988).
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edge of the ring, I wash out the abdominal cavity, to
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of naso-pharyngeal pathology of exceedingly great interest
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ical authorities in demanding proof that he knows the profes-
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on experimental cases of trench fever on the first day of the disease only and
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formed, and this small book has been written for their informa-
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of the doctrines of Gall and Spursheim, and we must do him
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inhaled it, he thought that this occurrence was opposed to the hypothesis that
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no appearance of the latter when the tents are removed, it will be well to
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had been driven to this insane condition by the distress resulting from
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fa March, July, and Horember of each year. For particulars address the Secretary.
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University Medical Center (UMC; Tucson) emergency de-
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colic has arisen from cold in the feet, or checked perspiration.
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York. He had given it so far without the least hesi-
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we might refer to London, Cheltenham, and Leamington, in
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pretenses, then we shall be nearer the millennium than the uninitiated
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most important factor of all, is left out of account. Conse-
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the vesical orifice of the urethra, Mercier in 1837 devised an instru-
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some time a pimple had developed' over the eyebrow, and in


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