Trileptal What Is It

At the end of that period an addition of 500 cubic centimetres

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This difference is not easy to explain. It is sometimes found,

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and that is all the misery and death, to say nothing of cost,

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3'A dUBiors illustration of the extent to which the subsoil of

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escaped, and was followed by a purulent discharge from the

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South-eastern Branch : 'West Kent District.— The next meetlngTof

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ca'e but if vou cannot 1 do not see why I should stand aside and let i:.

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sliip of tlie College of Surgeons. In 1860 he was appointed

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later a numb condition of face and hands. The physical

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thickened, and the vertebrre in the upper part of the neck

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I'' Archiv f, fxpt. Path , xxviii, 256, ls9i , Ueher das Schicl^«al der in das

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towns of England (including London) has shown a tendency

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The dilated common duct has on one occasion been opened

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on from the War Office, the Treasury, and even from the-

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necessary. Great care had to be taken with the stump. He

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Association will be held in the rooms of the Medical Society

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value of the bottle contents is less then three farthings (fiinf Pfennige).

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and efficient work done by the London Hospital. Sir Andrew Clark sup-

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forward, and is presenting towards the corneal wound clear of

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patient. X., and I), is called in consultation. \ short time afterwards

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ambulances. In time of peace the Society's work consists

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l>ecoming imperceptible. Artificial respiration was at once

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accumulation of certain substances in the blood. I tried to

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three different situations within the abdomen. It may lie

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Ballarat, and Dundee, Forfarshire, were postponed until the regu-

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subscripti^ons which lit pointid out might, under the system of quin-

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Immunity), has just been published by Georg Thieme of

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ningham, Queen's College, Belfast; J. W. McUenry. Queen's College,

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urine during micturition and defeeoation, when tlie uterus was

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Ebers.'"' To these special memoirs reference must be made

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Gibbs, C, L.R.C.P.Lond,, Charing Cross Hospital, Diploma of Member

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dix. This had beeu adec[uately drained. There was also general peri-


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