Difference Between Hydrochlorothiazide And Triamterene

mittee has been appointed, and is now sitting at the

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healed fairly. Let me illustrate the subject fiu-ther

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the inexperienced, and he, therefore, undertakes, at

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creases the force and lessens the frequency of the heart beats ; it in-


gistraiion of disease, 164, 193; discussion on cancer,

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lifted up by many in approval of Dr. Paterson ; and it

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ber ; and, therefore, the calculation points to different

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amount was again taken away, but the fluid still reforming an incision

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immediate relief is pronounced. Eendu reports permanent improve-

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sible, by its aspect alone, to distinguish it from the

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member shall be entitled to claim benefit for inability

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1. Dr. Stewai-t speaks of the portraits of my series

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you enter it for emolument, for fame, or with the de-

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rangements for annual meeting, 224, 275 ; meeting of,

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mortem puncture — medical men are far too familiar

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dent. In this respect. Sir. Shaw's case is especially

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union of all that denotes the qualities and the defects

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yellow color, or darker with a brownish hue from the accumulation

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ment of Infants and Children, and j^ublished also se-

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and limited by the rules, that the certain class who

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the skin by exfoliation of the cuticle ; from the thi-oat,

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dish of snails, which had been collected from the poi-

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tion, not only as a body but in detail, were satisfied

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done in October 1864, at Berlin, by XJlrich and Lewin ;

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antimonial poisoning ; to protect his professional re-

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the lost energy and diminished nerve-tone which has

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Kj school, Summer Lane, Birmingham (opposite the General

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The use of strong coffee invariably brings on an attack of palpitation

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Population about 150U, with good villages around. Income about

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Einderpest it is sought to found here so close an ' plague, and the foUicular disease of the nose in the

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the liver through agglutination of the stomach and diaphragm ; Mc-

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could be removed, like acupressure needles, within a

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vivid. . . . Associated with the yellowness, there are

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•was apt to be still more distressing, through retraction

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degeneration is especially marked in the myocarditis which occurs

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local committee at Leamington ; and great credit is

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tem, instead of the vague and erroneous ideas enter-

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hydrochlorothiazide and triamterene

Such language cannot, of course, affect in the least

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which was difficult. " I have known people to whose

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Bessieres, the four royal apothecaries, and Laraye,

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He divides the disease into — 1. Cholera abUiosa —

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their disposal, and fail to avail themselves of it, but,


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