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stant symptom by means of which one may diagnose oidiomycosis
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ulcerated. At a very early period this cartilage splits up, and becomes
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a small amount of protein (carbohydrates, fat, vegetables, fruit, and
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threatened extinction — the man whose counsels, compressed into less
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of inflammation. The time between the applications is later increased.
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Experiment 2 was made with serum of dogs Nos. 248 and 249,
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an outline of the generally adopted views of the different affections
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drawback to cardiac cases. A hearty breakfast and mid-day dinner with
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and rounded and stains densely with Giemsa's stain (PI. i, Figs.
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symptoms of distemper with this coccus, but have never been able to produce more than
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ere it can be settled. Dr Barnes contributes his words and experi-
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potency of the poison than this experiment ? A few drops of the
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be taken to prevent his catching cold afterward. As soon as the sweating
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pass at once to the consideration of the recommendations which we
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Only when these have disappeared, and when the temperature has re-
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hydatids in their earlier stages are very puzzling, as they may de-
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especially those who perspire freely upon only moderate exertion, have,
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administration of the serum in many cases. Craig and Nichols report a
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nation constantly removing this substance, sensibility as constantly
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tagionist in India, that it is rare for attendants to suffer, and they
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I. Dr Watson then showed a testicle which he had removed at the
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alcoholic drinks should be absolutely forbidden. Substitutes for coffee
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careful inquiry into her history and symptoms, as well as a
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system. This period of time is long and leaves some doubt as to
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Dr William Thomson in the Chair of the Practice of Physic in the
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referable to the inner organs, sometimes sudden, sometimes very gradual
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celerated because the veins of the extremities and of the vense portse
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The pipette is now placed in the holder, the tip brought into
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a mountain climate. The Rocky Mountains, with peaks to 14,000 feet,
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marked, and almost immediate. In the winter of 1865, a stout
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The most interesting feature about this Herpetomonas is the
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rioles of the lung, or (2) chronic and passive, caused by hinderances to
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With the idea of further testing this reaction, Dr. Ricketts and
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3.44. — No apparent effect; twenty drop? more injected in the same
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(p. 250): "Out of 39 examinations there appeared to be no direct relation, although
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deep local scarification, leeching, and the internal administration
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