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But before commencing the active duties of the meeting, we may

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tion in the death-rate. As time went on we might expect to

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VII— Comparison of Course of Serbian Epidemics with that of other great Similar

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displayed in locating and removing the cause of his trouble. My

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with the official product. The time element of direct action

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of head, and fell down in a fit. He recovered from this but gradually, hav-

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to spider toxin (arachnolysin), which they do not take up; later, how-

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rather less marked on the right side, but there is no distinct

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1885, XXV, 264-268, 1 pi. . Ueber einzellige Driisen

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Syn. — E. multiforme (Kaposi) ; Eryanthema essentiale (Auspitz).

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internal secretion. In of organs with a double func-

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was no chlorine in the urine; on the 14th ^become completely hepatized. I have not

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eligible, desires associate or partnership or oppor-

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chronic cases the effects may resemble chronic alcoholism; but the

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The examination in Chemistry will be limited to the elements of the science,

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two instances. In April, 1823, a person who had swallowed twenty gram . o

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various federal government agencies. Between 1948 and 1951, while

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which they originate, and the phenomena to which they give rise. Thej'

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The other conditions to which the name " electric chorea " has been

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deformities under certain heads, not because they are always due

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followed another disease, which, from what was told us, was incontes-

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first to explain faU of blood oxygen capacity observed in some (usually

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in accordance therewith this poem was written. Not having the

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patient due to the cause. The case fatality rate for this

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radium. You say of what degrees. I acknowledge that the cases

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inner surface of the right calf, on the outer surface of which was the

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lasts until 6 A.M. The range of the ordinary diurnal fluctuations is not

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rhosis of the liver. Persistent vomiting, malaria, parasites, — as trichina

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* It is perhaps right to state, that in the treatment of this, as

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after having taken the poison. This case suggested some experiments as to the


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