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amount of sugar for several years together, without any percep-
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under our laws. It has caused others to qualify, or to begin
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On the 17th day, the number of the reds had increased greatly
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Acute peritonitis is one of the local afl'ections incidental to the morbid con-
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his thirst are normal, but yet he experiences a certain weakness, put down
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lows from this that the NaOH number found in this case must equal
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inces ; an antirabic institute; a %'accinal institute; the
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After a continuance of from eight to twenty hours, these symp-
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therefore cannot have theii* own means of knowledge
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ing a barrel or a bottle partly full of water. From this expedient
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jntra-uterine manipulations such as version, even apart from trauma
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pus first appeared on the lower surface of the putty dressing,
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of mild pastes. The arsenic spared the healthy tissue. By this
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After some preliminary observations, the book is divided
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is interested in general medicine and obstetrics to
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areas of the cerebellum, in the adjoining hemorrhagic area of softening, in
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object in view. The catarrh of the horse is of the most
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collection of the passage in his dissertation on the
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(coxa vara). [On curvatures of the neck of the femur.]
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For example, syphilitic fluids react with maximum intensity
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Feeblemindedness, Sources of error in the diagnosis of,
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that diphtheria antitoxin applied locally hastens the disappearance of
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in the deltoid, infraspinatus, biceps, brachialis anticus,
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scesses from two foci upon opposite sides of the seat of in-


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