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by this' method never omit to boil, because picric acid
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seem to be quite evident. In a railroad accident there were nineteen
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§ On Diseases of the Alimentary Canal, p. 52. 8vo, bound. 1857.
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Symptoms. — Often the patient experiences a sensation of /ti/ncw and
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The exhibition will be open fromj 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. daily and
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The efficiency of any system of ventilation must be measured by
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TnsBDAT Guy's, li P.M. — Westminster, 2 p.m. — Royal London
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at least every three months,— shows a marked increase in
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will perish and some will not. The same thing occurs
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institutions will doubtless follow the example of those bold enough to
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and joints) and in the head, rigors alternating with fever or a continued
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observation are absolutely essential, and the physician, unless well
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cold water, whip the cream, then put -J- cupful of boiling
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margins. Both affections are sometimes hereditary, and
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during the past quarter of a century or so respecting the mysterious
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an autopsy. We heard, however, of one physician who, a short time
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in his Croonian Lectures for 1871, suggested that the heat of the bod}' in
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vein. The resulting adhesions made the operation more than ordi-
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from the guilt and pain associated with human error and
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Committee the dire necessity of performing such a plain duly.
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Papers on "The Progress and History of Medicine and Surgery in the
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He showed a specimen from the Society's Cabinet, from a patient
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Association, will dine together ; dinner on table at half past
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45 C, or even more. In a horse, 24 hours before death,
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through the discovered connection, exerted their influence
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leg again manipulated with the hands, to still farther
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weight. It was a poorly nourished specimen as well as small, but it


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