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dorsal sympathetic ganglia be stimulated, the rapidity of the heart

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Next in value, for our purposes, to the great American statistics are

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regular treatment, inhalations of iodide of ethyl or of nitrite of amyl

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published in 1859, came to the conclusion that the symptoms were re-

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cases chronic endocarditis develops in this way. When the existence

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Insufficiency at the left auriculo-ventricular orifice is that condition

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following salvarsan, but little or no change occurs in the spinal fluid

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tive emboli may be conveyed to the lung and set up pneumonia or

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the same delay in absorption might occur when the tincture was given

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attacks of elephantoid fever there is always some adenitis. Some

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present in August, 1914. She was a daily visitor at her mother's home. In

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agency as the general disease in which it is encountered. In most infec-


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