Serpina3n Astrocytes

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fever, or they continue sickly for months, with pallid coun-
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of large amount ; two grains of opium distributed over twentj^-
e<lie ol" the middle rout of the artery, and the
on the ground lliat the depth of the mediastinal space may influence the
denied that the cases herein referred to comprise a most dangerous
Opmions have differed widely as to the nature of the lesions present,
Society to this case, as one he was watching by deputy, and in which
said that a child begotten during drunkenness runs a special risk, but
fcion neurosis; he takes the contrary view held by many
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produced by the corrosive poisons, if perforation of the stomach occur, the
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unventilated and uninspected space, but closely and completely imbedded
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eight hours after ingestion. All these cases are alike in that
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a perfectly healthy uterus in a female negro subject,
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Treatment of Club-Foot. — Gibney on the Diagnosis of Pott's
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of Child-bearing," /?. S. Soc. Proc, viii., 12. Braune, Die Lage des Foetus
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Entered at the Port-office at Boston as second-class matter
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ture, and there was great tenderness on pressure over
or inserter. . .of particular value for the pregnant
150 Mathews, Aneurism of the Abdominal Aorta. [Jan.
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ribs, about ten centimetres long, closed, except at its
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in the ordinary run of cases ; and it must be taken for granted
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been kept. " Well, sir," said Abernethy, " you say you didn't
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should be contraindicated, ether might be administered hypodermically
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choleia, and therefore oppose all quarantine of. persons.
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Africa, where it is increasing in frequency yearly; and the same is true
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May 14, 1919; abstract in Miinch. mcd. Wochenschr., 1919, Ixvi, p. 1093.
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tion of pain sense. Considerable distress and difficulty in mic-
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lower part of the arm, to the iimer side of the hand, and to the ring and
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general lines only can be indicated, great attention to detail being
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tached from from the Pensacola, and ordered to ilie
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tions and blood-pressure estimations will usually settle the
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tuberculosis; not satisfied with this, we put some of the
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^Iso to relieve itching and to destroy parasites upon the
We started on this task by designating Edward Jenner a fortunate
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and their features by gauze masks, like members of some awful Vehm-
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a great amount of both local and constitutional irritation.
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toxication with tin had evidently increased the destruction of
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at inten-als of not more than ten days, with solutions of mercury bichlorid,
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about the same as for cholera morbus, already described. Opium
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The case was reported by Everard Home, in the " Lon-


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