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4. Cheney, L. C., Smith, R. R., and Binkley, S. B.: J.
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present time are reports sent in by physicians employed
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{From the Renal Service, Georgetown University Hospital)
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6. That it is in the power of human foresight to prevent an attack of
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“I can hear everything now, things I haven’t heard
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employment, possible undernourishment and other fac-
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I' chiatric experience. Affiliated with University of Rochester,
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This paper is essentially practical in character, re-
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coordination of all phases of the accepted methods of
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taining specific health films were definitely on the
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medical honor society, the conference was devoted to
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Lead (6), Tin (3), Iron (12), and Copper (see Brass, (6).
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giving complete details of Davis technic, and pad of
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great numbers. In Prussia, it was adopted as a general meas-
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Special letters and questionnaires typed for Histo-
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of opinions for the Public and Professional Relations
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the use of current procedures. Physicians interested apply
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contracted by the Committee. Notify the Chairman at once.
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in determining the response of a lesion to treatment.
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barrel-enema syringe is generally made of the size and form of the two
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Division of Geigy Chemical Corporation, 220 Church Street, New York 13, N.Y.
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icines. Sonic physicians seldom if ever use it, from the feet,
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the influence of variable spreads of the lateral ra-
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years ago he complained of attacks of vertigo and nys-
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periosteum and the bone, the pressure produced by, or the mere presence
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my hand, and I can't find them again for some time.
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apparent that the station in life of the injured person
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mild tenotomies did not bring good results. When cases
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reported in the past, but they are not particularly
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16. Farfan, Augustin: Tractado Brebe de Medicina, y de
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applies with equal force to horses and vehicles and the
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of the profession with whom rest« the influence which could
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primary suture is finished and tied. No particular effort
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ideas common to the physician’s wife and establish a
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cannot treat a child successfully with any disease unless
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floor, since no other means than opening the windows
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l^islative committees, or to officers of state, whose oversight is very in-
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place specific therapy, since the side-effects such
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tor in developing a closer cooperation than has existed.
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This association has had several very interesting meetings at
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