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short diameter, a common pair of long forceps may be sufficient ; or, if
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that greater stress should he laid upon the part of the inte-*tincs
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In this little pamphlet JNIr. Smith seeks to reply to an appeal
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laboratory, in New York, and it is only recently that he seems to have
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to the light of an electric lamp. The lesions were protected
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sexes in susceptibility to drug suggestion can be found.
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made, that through the nervoutt system much can be done to
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tents have appeared during the past year, and Rehfuss and Hawk
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Aetzung dcr Skleralbindehaut. Arch. f. Qphtb., Leipz.,
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Dr. Heitzmann said that it is now about fifty years since
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hypodermatically. Experience teaches us, however, that
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sion is significantly styled risus caninus, or the sardonic grin. The con-
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hibiting symptoms more aggravated, and sufferings more acute,
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of the future by crediting their cost to the deductible? Today,
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only a slight effect on salivary digestion. He says the only
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Rath Diatributitm. — In enmll-pos, the face, handa, and feet are specially
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when he was invited to appear before the society he
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attack coming on after an exposure to wet and cold, favor rheumatism.
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ell as of the bronchial tubes, has also presented marks of the local action
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It is thus a form of particulate inheritance though not of exclusive.
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plete; even the subcutaneous cellular tissue is affected. The scabs are
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the sulphate of magnesia. The mucus was completely incorporated with the saline solution,
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and the magnitude of these. In our work we must consider the fol-
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to that law which seems to hold in all the tissues, that the dis-
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Catalepsy, and Hysteria in Females. By Baker Brown,
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Soott. — In San Diego, Cal., on Thursday, August 29th, Dr.
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Professor of Pathology and Clinical Professor of Dermatology, University
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On manipulating over an ovarian cyst, the woman lying on her
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such. Four weeks later. Has been and is continually haunted by sights
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Teau n6. J. d'accouch., Li6ge, 1884, v, 62-64. — Davis
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about forty-eight hours, and then quickly subsides until upon
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cases being attributed to its influence directly, apart
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should aim at securing physiological equilibrium be-
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Church was directed toward giving to her children the bene-
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But let us not be too sure of this. In the prosecution of these quacks,
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the preference must be determined solely by individual taste.
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6th. Almost any lesion of the nervous centres may disturb the
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rience is almost identical with theirs. I will only add that I have
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Obviously, indigenous drugs are subjected to the oper-
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