The Council shall prescribe and provide at the expense of the Society proper fidelity bonds for officers of the Society and other persons responsible for the receipt, custody and disbursement of funds belonging to the Society. The following biting obituary notice was shortly afterwards published in the local newspaper:"Earth to earth, dust to dust, ashes to tablets ashes.""Passed from time into eternity without one of, attended by two others, Mrs.


Stansjbury, of the Committee on Gynecology, presented a paper entitled:" Rest the Great Essential taste to Complete Involution," in which he took the ground that the period of involution, when normal, is governed by laws as fixed as those of pregnancy, and claimed that many troublesome cases of uterine disease might be prevented by enjoining prolonged rest in bed, after parturition, in order that involution might be fully accomplished.

A dilated heart may be suspectei by increased area of prsecordial dullness, combined wikipedia epigastric and venous pulsation, and a want of correspondence between the violence of the cardiac impulse and the strength of the pulse. The os uteri "used" was scarified at her periods to relieve the congestion, and with benefit.

Cough - lawson Tait struck a responsive cord in his audience by saying that an exact diagnosis in cases of acute intestinal obstruction is never made until the abdomen has been opened; and furthermore, that in a majority of cases the cause of the trouble is not apparent even then, nor is it advisable to search for it too curiously, as by establishing an artificial anus, at the most convenient point, you will always relieve, and generally cure the patient! He has opened the abdominal cavity between seven and eight hundred times in all, and always on the median line in the case under consideration. The present boat crosses the uses river, in a calm, in fourteen mij nues; her average time is twenty minutes. Adorris Dressier was voted best washes on his natino- committee, brouoht in the followino- list of' Brandriss. Adjunct Professor of Principles and Practice of Adjunct Professor of Principles and liquid Praotice of Lecturer on Laryngology and Physical Diagnosis. This any one buy may be satisfied of, by perusing the works of that careful and accurate observer, Dr. Among the causes of mucous engorgement of the antrum are diseased teeth, exposure to cold, blows, for etc.

I told him, when he consulted me about it, that I was sure medication that quinine would cure him. From their merit, secured the unqualified effects endorsement and approbation of our celebrated orthopa;dic specialists, and particular expression of gratitude from the patients who are wearing them. The diaphragm protruded very much into the cavity of the syrup thorax, its convex surface reaching as far up as between the third and fourth rib. Ducasse has 300 been employing an extract of the stigma of corn (Stigmat.es de mais) in doses of from one. I was called in the middle of the night sr to a patient, who had been attended by a very young man, a student of midwifery. Memory to hundreds of Stamford people.

A stripe of linen, spread with adhesive plaster, about two-thirds of an inch in breadth, may be passed over the toes which are too elevated, and under the others, the extremities سعر of the plaster being made to cross each other over the metatarsus. But it is cruel dosage to open these old sores, and more especially at this time, when Bellevue is so faithful to the Code of Ethics. Some In three cases we have girls living in their own homes where there is a financial problem.

Mg - if you deem the accompanying" case worthy of admission into your vahiable periodical, its iuseitiou will much A surgeon attached to a large hospital has peculiar opportunities for improvement, and he fails of his duty if he either neglect them or conceal the useful rssidts of his observation and experience.

Of the Opium, Morphine, คือ Chloral, Situated upon a high hill that commands a splendid view of the Hudson and Harlem rivers, Spuyten Duyvil Creek, and the beautiful country for miles around; surrounded by ample grounds and magnificent drives; in easy communication with the city by means of the Sixth and Ninth Avenue Elevated and the Hudson River Railroads; away from the dust, noise, crowding and malaria of the city; with hot and cold water in every room, furnace and grate-fire heating, croquet, horses and carriages, boats and fishing, an excellent cuisine, trained nurses and careful medical attendance, it possesses unequaled advantages for the treatment of The plan of treatment pursued in the cure of opium, morphine and chloral takers is that of rapid reduction, which possesses all the advantages, and none of the dangers of Levenstein's sudden deprivation, or the prolonged agony of gradual reduction. As the details of the following- case, on which I respecting- the senses, read before "tablet" the to furnish very decisive proofs of the functions of the whole of the fifth pair, vou will perhaps oblige me by inserting It in the columns of your journal. On excitement taking place, dose however, the original sound will be restored. I therefore take the liberty of communicating to you such remarks as the cases I have occasionally seen in this city and in The disease at present prevailing, you know, is not a new disease, as it has been hastily represented by some physicians: on the contrary, it has been well described by Sauvages, Huxham, and others: by the former under tab the very Nor is this a neW disease in the United States: in the first volume of the Medical and Philosophical Register you will see a very valuable paper upon this subject by the late Dr. AND SURGICAL REPORTER, laws forbid anything of side an oleaginous nature being sent through the mail.


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