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great degree, disappeared — her eyes were animated with a new
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tle stimulus to the stomach to induce them to begin to take food. Again;
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All these methods of treatment may be regarded as mild
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iodine internally, and the turpentine and acetic acid liniment may also
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larly the case with those in Paris; and they would soon fall vic-
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closely interrogating a case of intermittent fever, while the mass
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the first four pages, cropped, marginalia, the first leaf is mounted and the last is
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décision, qui n'a pas été l'objet d'un dol, principal ou incident, et qui, enfin, a pris sa
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in the ascending frontal convolution, an indication that the
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It is, of course, quite possible to bring both ends of the
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edificauit, abstulit. | Sancti uero Lazari templum a Leone Basilij filio excitatum, quod et bonis
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the evening of the ninth of June, in the year of grace, one
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For another copy of this MS., see Brit. Mus. Cat. p. 154$.
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Le mineur doué de discernement le peut également avec l'autorisation d'un juge de la
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from persons affected with petechias and ecchymoses often forms a uni-
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graves; and yet the unwary friends and relatives have been quite
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Binding: Original, bevelled beech boards, covered rough sheep-skin, originally stained
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At the age of 32, he decided on leaving Edinburgh for
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celui-ci ait été informé de la nature, de la durée et du but de l'expérimentation; la méthode
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aortic lesion is the result of intermittent^ strain, associated
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rapidly disappears, and this is so uniformly and obviously the case*
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ism in this respect, and so odious has it rendered the regular prac-
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aux influences indues. D'autre part, loin d'être désintéressée, sa participation tient
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fe mirrour of Synneris. [rubric] =V. 7. 23, f. 17 v°.
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single cols, of 33 lines, brown crayon margins and red-ruled lines, each 8 X 5|, and
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ly decomposed, its sulphur flies off, and the metal appears. If this
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be copied exactly as it appears on the page, with the image in its entirety and used as a curriculum page.
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that his digestion was defective; yet in all these the dejections, when
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The fly-leaf of this is headed: " Londini et Lugd: Batav: 1709 & 1710," and it has
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reflect great credit on the Medical School of Transylvania. Un-
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Senior Surgeon to the Royal Ear Hospital ; Membre Correspondant de la Societe
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every student of the phenomena of mysticism js aware of
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