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writers have called attention to the hematogenic power of the
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31. Lachrymal Stenosis in Infants and its Treatment.
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however, various views entertained upon this subject,
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presented all the evidences of a pericarditis with effu-
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Tuesday, June 4 — Afternoon Session — 2 o'clock.
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is performed for appendicitis. All the cases on record
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rarely found them present. The dichotomizing threads
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Junius L. Powell, major and surgeon, T . S. A., member of a
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send your statement and money the first of every week. This
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research of the twentieth century, but history teaches us
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cement it to the skin like a surgeon's adhesive plaster. I have
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daily to his patients and attends promptly to all the duties of
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tion at first, gradually reducing the cocain with subsequent
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welcome. It is being done by appointees of the State
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first day of the session we would complete as much work as possible,
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greatly reduced and bearing the operation badly; in osteo-
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tific investigation by prizes and awards of merit; and for de-
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Another micro-organism is the yeast plant also found
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with in children. In recent years it is rare to see incur-
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the general body it is impossible to tell who are and
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larvse that changed into pups late in November, December and
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with the fact that memorials, resolutions, or even more
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soluble in water. Its general use is as an antiemetic, stom-
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10 Akromegaly, with Report of Two cases. W. O. Shallcross.
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consists of medical editors of the United States. Meetings are
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pointed. The following officers were riected: Dr. William B.
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other envelopes, much after the method used in pre-
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edge of the changes which take place in the living tissues
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culosis assumes the same forms in the pericardium as
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practitioners have been at loggerheads, owing to the youngei
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of atheroma of the aortic arch and valves and great vessels
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geons to the Pennsylvania Hospital, he related a plan
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lished by others that the lesion on the part of the nose is
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pointed, from the Department of Cuba, via San Francisco, Cal.,
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