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hj-steria. This urine, which is voided in large quantities, contains but

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symptoms which annoy the patient. Nervous symptoms —

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velop far better in n.oishre than 'if kept dry. Therefore, the

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feeling of tingling or peculiar sensibility, followed by

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times with the light without effect. The Rontgen rays were

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tion of the Lungs by the pain in the former extending into the

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Sulla sviluppo del parasita della malarica nella terzana. Archivio per

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connected with the use of ferrous salts, namely, the reaction is instan-

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— " The susceptibility to mental disease induced by previous

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among the most pcirplexing atid serious the physician en-

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looked that important qualification. Such a quality our

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Diseases are spoken of as internal and external. External cases are

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other diseases, and the reasons for its omission are not

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month. S. O. 120, Department of Dakota, September 25,

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Greeks. Skillful artists put their labors upon paper, and

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institutions, and is a result of carelessness in matters of hygiene.

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" Medical Indoor Gymnastics," published by Williams &

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(Guthrie and Turner, Ransom). They Avere exaggerated in the cases

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ture media is similar to that of the typhoid bacillus, except that on

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between a syphilitic meningitis implicating the cranial roots

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ure of the tryptic action." By this method Volhard found that the Schiitz-Huppert

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in gall stones, etc. He does not advise removal of the

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think it probable and by no means inconsistent with the opinions ex-

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after sterilization by filtering, was injected hypodermi-

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ment is inaugurated the better the chance of recovery. It is beyond question

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for prophylactic purposes, but 1,000 units are preferable, as this amount

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Solution of Gutta Percha in Chloroform in the Treatment of Eczema

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year in the treatment of the disease under consideration

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Usage in Pregnancy: Pregnancy Category C Hydrocodone has been shown to be teratogenic in hamsters when

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Skin. — The eruptions vary according to the nature of the epidemic

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condolences. Seeing his possible successors in office at his bedside,

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the island of Walcheren, and the reduction of Flushing, were

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Two hogs weighing from 30 to 40 pounds each were injected with

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ever, in the Board is unknown, appointments to positions are made on

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around with her the germ of psychosis but who is able

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(tomatic manifestation of one and the same general or local disease. The

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attention has ever been to ascertain the characters or symptoms by which

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put up in flexion and complete supination, as will be described

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and the skin is at times very hot, and at other times drenched with perspir,

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ries, by boiling them in water, with a little soda or potash, and

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tre should never be confounded in this respect with the

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there, a discoloration will appear. Still the difter-

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