Ingredients Of Feldene

increase or a diminution of the galvanic excitability. It is to be borne in

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rately, left rotatory beta-oxybutyric, although sometimes still other acids are

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(5^ Cck-ing Ingredients. Ccloring mat3nai,: -re used in frozen desserts to

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this point are still to be desired. However, we have

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October. Candidates must be at least twenty-one years of age. The

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♦The cheddafing operation, is important because It affects ^e quality of the finished

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The disease usually takes a chronic course, unless the only proper dietetic

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created for out-patients, adequate laboratory facilities incorporated, and the entire in-

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rected to any pressure points, to which we make a stabile application of the

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months to many years. As the attacks recur, the tendency is for the sane

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microscope. The official test perfdnssd in the military Is the fCnott's concentration

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upper extremity is accordingly much larger than that for the lower.

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muscular dystrophy: (a) Deltoids, supraspinal, and infraspinati. (b) Fore-

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the arm outward and backward when it has been raised forward. The arm

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from Yirgil's iElneid, books i. and ii., together with grammatical ques.

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(2) Latebra - a streak of "white" yolk extending from the geminal disc to the

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Gezon, Horace Martin, a, w, sp, Grand Rapids, Mich. Calvin C.

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resi>ects, eitber in tbis, or some otber recognised institution. Tbe

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anatomy, paleontology, botany, and physiology. These courses may be taken concur-

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the paranoiac at the persecutions and plots of the Czar, the Freemasons, or

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just as in traumatic total transverse lesion of the cervical cord. There has

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3. If the examination is successful, the thesis is printed at the expense of

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ous disease. We should therefore always try in the first place to bring about an

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of fish in this condition in an «6pedltlous msnnef is of great imporCince.

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standing, bends the body toward the affected side, and holds the leg slightly

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but the papers of the previona aoademioal year are printed in the Universi^

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difficulty, and the toes usually droop from paresis of

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destruction of a definite portion of the brain the direct focal symptoms of

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lected many cases in the United States. The affection comes on in infancy,

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(1) AnottHir til^ly contagldt^ vlnii disease of dogs, Infectiotis can^tie fvaat^ c.

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November : residenoe usually oommenoes in the following term, but those who

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certain psychoses (catatonia), the occurrence of cataleptic symptoms is very

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every subsequent year. The class fees are: — First year: Practical

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( b. Overhead conveyors nwst not collect moisture or allow grease, dirt, or oil

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that we have repeatedly seen cases, of the most severe form, in which the

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Walden, Joe Davis, s, a, w, Florence, Ala. A.B. (U. of Alabama) '28.

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Physiology, Medicine, and Surgery, £6 6s. each course; Chemistry

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These fees include laboratory work. Biology with Botany, first year,

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of geometry treated therein; Latin — any two of the following works,

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thenic state is the consciousness of inadequacy and deficiency, which may arise

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children also. There can hardly be any doubt that the disease is due to a

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teriform), headache, vertigo, convulsions. Treatment is symptomatic. Milk-

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diseases such as spondylitis, hereditary muscular atrophy, or spastic cerebral

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medicine, a common ground would be afforded. Of course, only the

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and others). When there are marked general sj'mptoms of pressure (head-

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that choked disk and optic neuritis may occur in abscess of the brain, but

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Wrought Iron, and Steel; Chromium; Cobalt; Nickel; Zinc; Cad-


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