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diagnose epithelioma. It is also extremely suspicious of

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mistakable sign of inflammation, also affords a nirJus for the growth

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cular fibers of its muscular coat are constanthr contracting, so as to

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of the legs and arms are features which make the diagnosis easy. The

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so that there may be but little doubt of the affinity between these two

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mediate faintness and nausea, which other forms of pain do not. In

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duced a discussion on the advisability of the medical practi-

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to the apex, counterirritation of the infraclavicular space is of great

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always remain local, and they are its absorbed toxins and not the bacilli

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The Select Committee of the House of Commons on Death

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remedy for this headache is phenacetin, 15 gr., with 2 gr. of caffein

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up as by magic, and with a resident population within the

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only as to the more difficult manipulations, but also as to the

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liver and muscles renders possible a finely ordered regulative action,

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common for sensations to radiate to different parts of the body, notably

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any one else has yet seen? And so the human world abounds with in-

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strated in the case of infants who are not themselves sick with the com-

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quested to give notice of any business for that meeting to the Honorary

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ground. At 16 or 17 he became unable to continue his occu-

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have been advised to confer these distinctions, but there

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Ventnor, and nineteen guineas each to the Cancer Hospiial,

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The book under review begins with a very interesting and

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kuren'), which the translator understood to be synonymous

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feel as though they would give way under him. Patient is not aware of

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appeared in the Irish Tiviis of June lOth. is of importance to the medical

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it is now proposed that the specific chemical reaction of a single

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that the processes in blood making are essentially the same throughout


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