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then making closure of the current with a small electrode
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Sulphate, of the strength of 3 grains to 1 ounce of water,
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danger involved in surgical interference. If an aneurism were traumatic we
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In its benign or local form it is the least dangerous, producing few
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veterinarian who can detect the expression, the condition of the
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The ephidrosis unilateralis was caused probably by the
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Dr. G. believes that intermittent fever is connected
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treated in an ambulatory service, 65 were examples of
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them, of the medical attendant. Life is too dear, and
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We often find innumerable small prominences, separated by super-
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of San Francisco, j)ublishes a translation of an article in the " Destilla-
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*' floating process," and that he had found but one
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(PI. 38, fig. 104), which may even contain early intracellular
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in striking the head of the cask placed beneath the seats and pro-
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neutralize, acid intoxication will result. The stronger, chemically speak-
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colour, by the urine in from twelve to twenty-four hours becoming tinged
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On admission to the Episcopal Hospital, November 6, 1920,
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it, sometimes with their physician's advice, sometimes
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and attacks the cellular membrane, (the phlegmonous erysipelas
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however, is never so considerable as in the acute form. Paraplegia
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Dr. Handford said that something in addition to the
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ing liquid. Being then very ill-informed in this department of
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Embrocatio. With this mixture the sick toe is to be moistened all
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chanical theory of the perineal body, but we question if an idea
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theoretically, from the description which Schaudinn has given, obAious
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sesses the advantage of being easily obtained at the apothecaries,
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will materially interfere with the nutrition of the
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and sometimes even presses with its two hands on the
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In i'eediiig cow's milk uiicliJuUHl lo inraiUs in this coiinlry our prac-
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absolute and relative, of the bichloride. It boils at a lower
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phenomenas of life. The field of germ diseases, the
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by careful experiments. At the centre of the retina, the yellow
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it, — makes it also unlikely that the intestinal elimin-
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families are liable to enlargements of the abdomen,
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Tlingit villages ;il)out Dixon's Enti iUK-e. Pop. .Sc. Mont li.,
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needed at once at the Janesville Medical Center, 2020 E.
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curvature was present in only 2. Where ecchymosis took


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