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themselves. His prescription is three grains of th^^miol


of infantry and an officer of the commissary department. It did

precose reviews

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females in the parturient state, or near its approach ; unborn or

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united, and for many days he had ceased to wear splints of any kind.

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not my object. All indications of cruelty, whether exposed to view

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The afternoon session of the meeting opened at one o'clock sharp, and

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constipating effect of its contained acacia. [A proprietary remedy, laxol,

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pressure on the lower part of the thorax, and inspiration, by pulling on

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The fluid "Typhmdin," if kept in a cool place, is potent for two months

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for by the fact that this animal was originally a northern animal,

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it is possible that in this disease the materials proper for its repair are

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the progeny of a mother immune against hog-cholera are not im-

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mate and extensive knowledge of the subject than is that of Dr.

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the stomach. It may, of course, be used immediately or very soon after

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passed by the Board. Moved by Dr. Probst, seconded by Dr. Wight, that

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there will never be a proper regulation of matters veterinary until

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the past year attacking practically every person under

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eastern portion of the township, mostly settled by a class of people with

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blotches several inches in diameter situated on any part of the

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your district. It may be by a letter to your Congressman ; it

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in what it has accomplished, and while Pennsylvania is more than willing

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BuRMA.^'' — Enervating on both foreigners and on na-

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and matter, and marks another bright spot iu Association history

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of the dogs miserable and occasionally annoyed the na-

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the labyrinth, as suggested by Fleming, for if that were the cause, why

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unsanitary huts, where their principal sustenance in winter is de-

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cinoma has been observed on the sole of the foot fol-

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with the Nebraska State Association on Monday, September 5, 1898, the day

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pay a fee for its employment, in order to secure properly qualified

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