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fingers or toes, contractions and paralysis, which are also occasionally
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the physician could free the patient from his pain in a few minutes.
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Regarding the geographical range of sudor anglicus, and the influ-
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sequences of the disease. I have seen an instance in which a married
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change in the food, habits, or surroundings of the patient has
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instances in which erysipelatous dermatitis passes into suppuration,
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urinarv passages has coexisted with the admixture of pus, and now and
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Rosenberger {I.e.), in agreement with Koniger {Deuts.
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and cicatrizes at the other. Thus, like the rupia, the tubercle produces
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scopic method,^ or better still the clumping can be observed
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malignant infectious disorders, appear to depend upon a morbid
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to give the patient a grain of opium, or one-quarter of a grain of mor-
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tween the diverging lateral and posterior columns, and which forms
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the abdominal aorta, or iliac arteries, by a tumor or gravid uterus, as
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Honorary Physician to H.R H. the Prince of Wales, and Consulting
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tinal catarrh, sometimes with intense hyperasmia of the kidneys, and
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ward the urine becomes thick and turbid, and its sediment is moro
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of the abducens induces diplopia and strabismus convergens. Before
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tubules, becomes very soft and swollen, sometimes to double its nor-
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broad condylomata is upon the labia, the scrotum, and between the
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ternal haemorrhages, extensive extravasations occur beneath the skin,
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or portio vaginalis, is advisable. If the apparent cause be cold, we
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been seen for years. These epidemics do not always come in very
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a scarcely-perceptible loss of substance, we are not at all sure that
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consider it improper to prescribe these articles solely on account of the
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were sent to ten laboratories, and the results returned were
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infection, (6) where the bacterial focus is of strictly moderate


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