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Metchnikoff tried to stretch his theory by ascribing to

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period of incubation is from ten days to a fortnight. The con-

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size can generaUy be recognised as ovarian : by its obvious connection with

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the sick-room should be subject to frequent disinfection and

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The influence of changes in the weather which plays the

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every thirty minutes, the average of these readings being taken to

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1-1 CO C>^ CO •^ f.'^ ^-^ i-^-^-^T-i '«^W — 50C<100 dOOWi-tOO-^ OOlO-rHOO-^OO

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that came under my charge but a few hours before death, having been

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•nerves, with some elevation of the disc. The girl had been ill

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^a school near.' Now he advertises, 'children conveyed to good

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whom they come in contact. Patients, when going about,

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that the calory value of food is the common denominator

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blood. In the former series arc included what, for the most j>art, have

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in connection with physical examination of candidates

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surgical measure that can show a better record as regards in-

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Liquids and small particles are readily absorbed from the peritoneal sac by

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another the ocular movements become limited and abolished, till both

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children the condition may resemble that of chronic intestinal catarrh.

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then comes confusion of ideas, every subject has to be turned

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An incision three inches in length and four inches to the

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were precisely the same as in ordinary typhoid fever.

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Case VI. — About a year ago, J. G., a bricklayer,

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willing to contribute and I did not feel that I could accu-

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or 5 segments, thus distinguished from the Brachycera, which have

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the parts. Visiting a celebrated physician for her chronic

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ment quickly set in ; the limbs became less rigid, and he regained the power

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tended a previous Course in this Institution. Graduates are charged, in addition, $18, for a

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cian? Why should we not have a state senator, yea, why should we

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operation, in cases of sterile contents, and compfetely

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hoars continuance; but abore all it diminishes its force and frequency if it does not arrest

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they do not close completely, and so allow a blood-stream flowing in an

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he said, there were several interesting points to be noted.

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occur which differ in some particular from their description.

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against their articulating facets. Very frequently you will

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is difficult to give. A local peritonitis must be rare and at the most

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fication or oxidation are inoculated upon it, split it up industriously

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affected, as in the early stage of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ; or, again,


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