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In one instance the patient lived for 20 hours aiter taking the

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miles from our national capital, we noticed the appearance of

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picture. In other cases the dyspnoea is due to a complicating bronchitis,

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sun. This should be done for the purpose of maintaining

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is captivated by the offer in question state frankly to his

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of the garden and wedes of the feldes, as wel by costly receptes of the

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would be required in this patient, I had the satisfaction of findino- that he

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power of selecting, and of elaborating their own materials. The

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marked that there was a small difficulty in the way of carry-

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said that he would not regard the case as septicemic. There

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The patients, except in the milder class, present an anx-

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am I to communicate to you in the course of a short hour the con-

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fluence of our Journal to assist all publications which are calculated to

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with the hope of improving the vision, which at the time of the

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ments better than any drug the author has ever seen. It seems

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sites, and the animal died. In the lungs and in the liver the

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occupied in operating, including the introduction of the lithotrite,

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phosphate or phosphoric acid along with iron prepara-

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mal functions and cause no symptoms which can be referred to

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delirious, he rolled violently about the bed, and required to

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the Privy Council a full account of the whole subject by Dr. Thudi-

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long- enough some one would answer that criticism for me. I think

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an erroneous result. Dupre's modification of Hiifner's apparatus (Fig. 289) can

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members, as they are going to continue their county

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enormously, but do not inflame and suppurate. Such bunches are

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had really been taken. Any evidence short of this would not be received by

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power of chloral, humanity might long have waited for this precious gift from

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operate early was to run the risk of bringing on miscarriage;

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bath and an enema ; then they are brought into the room and the oper-

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conductivity curves there is no maximum followed by a drop at pH

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and thus extirpate it. Moral leprosy may have to be subjected

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The pwgnob'lf is always favorable, especially, if the catarrhal angina

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tic, that they were of very short vitality on nutrient

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in the biliary passages, although the calculi have not remained in situ.

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from the disease. While the organism has lost its virulence for

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of whom one was constantly desirous of doing good and the other always

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S. - Peterhin g, L. Herman tf- G. Eahinovicli, 1887.

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