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What's in a Name? — A young woman from the Emerald Isle occupies the
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ease. In brief, the relations of osteomalacia to the sexual processes are so
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The only new point now brought out by Dr. Tompkins is, that
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eye you may look into four States, — New York, Connecticut,
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New York Pathological Society, Harney Society, Society for Experi-
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paper on "Fluor Albus." Questions of an allied character,
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his literary equipment as complete unless his library contain
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Phosphorus 30 and graphites* 3 *, two doses of each daily. For ten
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"A Doctor's Suggestions," "On the Necessity of Wearing Glasses,"
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tonic and reconstituent group. Hydrastine being peculiar to
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has won the esteem of the community in which he resides,
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author, or the prominent part he takes in medical institutions of the
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patent from one end to the other than at any other period of the
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ing modern languages in Betts's Academy, and reading
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ments of the medical practitioner in his daily work of prescribing,
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has already stated, accident caused him to stumble on a
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plete inability, to entertain a hopeful view of his state. He
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college he was able to understand and learn much from
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[Read before the Boston Ho7nceopathic Medical Society .]
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menses were irregular and painful; the flow excessive, black, and
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The two following cases are worthy of note from the fact that
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treated by capable surgeons, having a good armamentarium,
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bocker hospitals. In 1894 he was appointed chief medical examiner,
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Woodstofk Hnspital ; honorary member of tJK' Vermont
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cylate of sodium as an enema. About 2.5 drachms (gm. 10) should be given,
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those European nations who are most jealous of their own
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T ABEZ EDWARD GILES, A.B., M.D., New York City, Ophthal-
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is both infelicitous in statement and untrue in fact. The infer-
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contemporary medical thought, and established the repu-
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stronger ; for we need all the help we can get to meet the new diseases
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nant Disease,*' and one on the ** Uric Acid Diathesis and
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IX. Progressive General Paralysis of the Insane (Paralytic Dementia) . . 549
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on account of her extreme nervousness, and waited for the end.
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He was a poisoner, somewhat after the Palmer type. I was
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middle fingers ; but mutilation may take place in the palm,
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dressing will be prevented by more bandages. This dress-
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improbable the development of erythrocytes from leucocytes, which was for-
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of Michigan as Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology, remaining
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member of the New York County Medical Society; a fellow of the
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May 13. i6o7> to tlic battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775,
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crophyte," "bacteria," and "bacillus" have already become such


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