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Medicine, by Dr. Frederick T. Roberts, may be men -

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The first symptom of locomotor ataxy noticed by the

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wise is an experiment which I have repeated several times,

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geon — Assigned to duty at Fort Bayard, W. M. (Par.

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there, now in the comprehension of morbid processes, now in

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rapidly subsided in nearly all of them, and at the time

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the circulation does, in gradually revisiting thither, accomplish those

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history of most disease, we can correlate the ascending

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however, that this. rule may be liable to an exception, from one

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tion to my concluding from the notes of his pupils, that he had

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was under treatment seven weeks, during which time the heart

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Hermann's Mixture, we find a percentage of 16'6 as against 25"0 recorded

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arteries, or else by pores on the sides of the vessels, which

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bacteriostatic or bacteriocidal effects of the currently avail-

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* Now i^t.-Col. Forster, I.M.S , Sanitary Commissioaer, Punjab.

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with chronic studies to provide information on reproduction

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(7) Unless the physician exercises his “do not substitute

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11. Lack of cerebro-spinal fluid circulation demonstrated

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water was 108° ; and the result of this experiment was not

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refer to the necessity of securing a perfect occlusion of the

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trained in a primary care environment. (Italics indicate

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wifery had so much increased as to give him the fairest prospect

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splint ; the swelling of the thigh soon disappeared, but patient

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through the same lens, viz. tJj of an inch focus, except Plate viit, fig. 4, which was

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of the Euphrates. The flood water, which varies in volume in different

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/. It is true that in salted liquor sanguinis at 124-127°, though a

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afebrile with a pulse of 120 and a respiratory rate of 18.

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redissolved in hot benzene and treated with hot dilute HCl to liberate

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Long-term follow-up using a state-wide tumor registry is

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Hypercholesteremia is one of the major risk factors in the

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of all associated with him ; that he had been to his pa-

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tion, or he may pay the cost of the examination directly.

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matter of no difficulty. Of course, to pass a ligature twice

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saw lately by the favour of Dr. Huck and the physicians of the

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