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cities now of the venom of snakes or of the tooth of

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Hippocratic method, has often had a baneful influence on physic, as

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urine, which came more freely than it did previous to my first visit,

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ed side is narrowed and loses its rotundity. Imperfect closure of the eye

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mences with diarrhcea, succeeded by vomiting, or with vomiting

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ferent localities, it is impossible to accurately determine its average rate of

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rhages bo that acute anaemia is rapidly followed by typhoid symptoms and

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phate of zinc, nitrate of silver, chloride of barium, potassium iodide and

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pression, when at mid-day a rapid evaporation loads the air with

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is confined to the brain, or cord, or involves both. The latter is the more

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I. The Relation between the Size of a Wound and the Rate

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Symptoms. — With or without derangement of the menstrual function,

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possible to separate the animals into two groups, those whose tem-

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The subsequent changes which follow the absorption of the fluid portion of

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type of dextrose utilization occurred. It hardly seemed probable

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serum bouillon. After 53 treatments with immune serum, Subcul-

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Some of the morphine experiments are mentioned in this section, since they

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casioned, perhaps, by cauterizing the interior of the tumour with

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the arm being straightened with some difficulty; when extended, and

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them to be kept wet during the whole day, but sprinkled sufficiently

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{From the Physiological Laboratory and the Pathological Institute of the Royal Uni-

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the precipitate, and then enough water to complete the

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The Censors reported that they had examined the accounts of


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