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Chamberland and the Maignen filters are described and illus-

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The State Board of Medical Examiners, at its last meet-

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it is provided by the law that 'such certificates shall be issued

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144 Coughs : Their Suppression and Chire. Louis DeLome.

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thelioma or Alveolar Melanotic Sarcoma." The tumor had

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a microscopical examination of the sedimented urine. The

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places for the competitive examination of enlisted men and tor

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gard to complete restoration to the normal. It is certain

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viscera," and that "time is in this serious condition an

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Case 5. — A colored man, 21 years of age, died from gener-

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Besides fixation of the joint, protection for it is neces-

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occurrence in a properly treated case is very rare.

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of peritoneum forming a mesentery is often found, the

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number of cases, and investigation has shown that the disease

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jects have developed the opium habit by the use of the

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and found other bromids 'often useful as alternatives. His

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pyrogallic acid stronger it still fails, try chrysarobin ointment

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of sounding the stomach and duodenum. It is therefore

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200 miles and over from St. Paul, May 27 to June 3, inclusive;

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as shown by the swollen and proliferating endothelial

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upper portion of the lesser curvature had retracted the stomach

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doubt as to whether the sensory fibers of the internal capsules

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Your Committee is urging upon them the importance and

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as important a part of the anesthetist's duty as is the ad-

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others who have studied the feasibility of ureteral im-

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Discussion of papers 3, 4, 5, by Wm. Krauss, Memphis,

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Depopulation of India.— Since 1896 it is estimated that

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of animal parasitism should be treated in a special

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similar in structure with the large fully-developed growth.

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is too low down and external to fall over the underlying

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tics, unmodified by treatment, is also an important sign in com-

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culosis; 2, large tubercles,, volume may reach the size

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American Oynecologflcal Society. — ^The twenij-eixth an-

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within the field of operation. The accepted principle

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Casb 167. — Operator, Le Dentu. Dorsolumt>ar region; duration,

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of the Medical Association ; but the committee has determined to

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visable, what is the best method of operation. Fifty-four

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to a paralyzing influence on the unstriped muscle of the

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through its counterirritant influence., but also through

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explanation of the inability to name objects presented

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recurrence, but severe pain existed in the dorsolumbar region,

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The rectal temperature was taken one-half hour after


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