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ment of surgical diseases. This is a composite slide

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cal kind, allied to the action of fermentation, and the process cannot,

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eral public session, the general session and the presi-

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Palatable f and of proper consistence, about that of Rich Cream,

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the arm at meals). The fore-arm, consisting of the ulna and the

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tion the greater the force of the wave, but use any

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Furacin N.N.R., brand of nitrofurazone, is available as Furacin Soluble Dressing and as Furacin Solution, both

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SY'NERGY (^avvtpyia, jo'int-work). A term denoting associated

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of Rh prime and double prime. I am like the rest of

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roasted in quantities. A small roast is usually too dry.

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Surgeons, Military, of the National Guards of the U. S.,

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‘2. Calj: eatincta. Calcis hydras. Slaked lime, or the hvdrate of

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BRASS-FOUNDERS’ AGUE. A peculiar form of [intermittent

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GLAU'CINE (yXavKos, azure). An alkaloid procui-ed from the

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would have it banished as a food. Many of these anti-

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Currageenin. The mucilaginous matter, called by some writers

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bacillus of, 33 ; enteric, yeast in, 66 ; typhoid, treated

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ter-like action, all fluid is absorbed and bleeding

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eases included in this category may progress rapid-

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rates as criteria of activity in glomerular nephritis

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SABU'RRA (saburra, sand). Ballast for ships, consisting of sand

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inflammation, in which it loses its vesicular and crepitating character,

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Mr. Eugene Coon, assistant director of the St. Louis

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during the same period. For example, the patient has

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It is specially suitable for convalescents, debilitated children,

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bonized blood in the arteries, and its ultimate stagnation in the pul-

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suffer from nervous influences over which they have

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in the dark, when kept in a stoppered vial, after exposure for some

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Springfield; E. C. Bohrer, West Plains; Frank W. Hall,

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be confounded with oxygenated ivater, which is the peroxide of hvdrogen;

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case are the sedimentation rate and the white count

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toms present are those of disease or those of drugs;

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of their resemblance to that organ in colour. They are of parasitic

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Extensive and beautifal grounds. Perfect privacy. A pleasant, safe and healthftil


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