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to her having received an injury in any way. At first she

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making examinations of the larynx. In his own practice he

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the spleen increasing as the anaemia grows more profound, and again decreas-

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unless, indeed, we are to assert that by the law of evolution

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are in demand by thie leading medical journals. His

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county, New York, May 1, 1846, and died in Buffalo, New York, Au-

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French Huguenot family which came from Montbeliard, France, and

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much pleasure ; not, as goes without saying, because we sym-

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A Treatise on Nervous Diseases : their Symptoms and Treatment. By

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two years, 1899-1901, and in the latter year he engaged in the pri-

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generous offer was gladly accepted, for the misfortunes

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this line. He established a reputation both as a lecturer

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The nurse informed me that the previous day had been the

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Journal of Obstetrics, May, 1S74. This article contained


one's self by reference to, and comparison with, the original man-

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while llie geniiuorinedicitie. witL i:as,^T aiiua . —

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duoma Malignum, " which was read before the section of Obstetrics

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successor. The success which attended the institution in overcoming

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its rapidity for the time being. This increase in frequency would not, of

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^ surgeon, Dr. Dawbarn, for many years the Professor of Surgery

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inch) ; length, 30*5 millimetres (1-2 inches) ; weight, 1370

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patient, he exhibited genuine tyrosin crystals, and called atten-

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food has been taken two or three hours ; as soon as he eats, pain

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her anxiety, told the doctor she hoped he would be able to tell

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with exactitude, it would be impossible to know, in any case of

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five separate tumors occurring in the same patient," conjointly with

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A grain of gold, e.g., is reducible to about forty-six thousand

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of an interesting review of this work, which appears in the

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course of medical lectures and was graduated in several

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markable success iu saving the lives of her patients. Much

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In these days when many able minds, in sympathy with a

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something to that effect, the person so accosted would soon

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city for the past twenty years or more, he is a New Jersey-

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Illustrated and Descriptive Guide to the American Plants used

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was not sufficient. It was necessary to complete it by

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He has practiced medicine in California since June, 1S49,

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At times the tone of the patient's system seemed somewhat


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