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usual way, by Dr. Buck, by direct extension of the limb in the di-
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in regard to the influence of atmospheric heat ; for, instead of the
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^. Sodas potassio tart, manuas opt. aa. 5ss.; pulv. rhosi 3ss. ;
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the art of printing was invented, we have had furnished to us an op-
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In our August number \w gave expression to the belief that a de-
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Patient being derious of having the largest of the tumors re-
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I found that the enlargement and soreness of the belly was not
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We have said that attendance upon clinical instruction should be
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powers of the stomach, pepsin would be the agent I would
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lar cases are too often considered to be mere sprains or bruises, I
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diagnosticated by either a micro-chemical examination or by
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peculiar structure of this vesicular expansion fits it for under-
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number, we briefly repelled. A reiteration of the charge renders the
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vomit was always sour-smelling but never bile stained, the stools
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fluous, irrelevant, the doubtful and not unfrequently the fanciful, none
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in our glorious profession, we have been reduced to the inglo-
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well, and especially is indicated where there is a redundancy of
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place, a limited quantity was now used and the manipulations continued.
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Clinical Instruction in Medicine. — Free access to hospitals, both
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maintain the parts well together. I only employed force enough to
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pelvis, was discernable. The flexed positon of the thighs upon the
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flexion to a little below a right angle, and while in this position
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DICTIONARY ? — of daily necessity and permanent value.
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Joseph Perkins, M. D., Diseases of Women and Children.
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a desired effect, leaving to nature the real curative work. Too
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in which I have prescribed it, where it has not produced marked benefit,
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Some seven or eight years ago, I had a case the result of which was
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cauterization. This is the most effectual means of cauterizing in
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of life developed by our natural constituion, as actually existing under sur-
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again healed well. jSTow the place is occupied by a thin cicatrical
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mon hemp, though believed by botanists to be a variety of the same species
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We have also received from another source, the Senate documents
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sugar of the flour to undergo vinous fermentation, the result of
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complained only of anguish and smarting in the throat, and towards the
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But the great good which the National Association is accomplish-


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