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in the domest'ie^dop the usually small and confined to the
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ing the virus directly from its original source. This opinion,
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a breath of air, another's step across the ward, the vibrations caused
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ousht to study the subjects brought before hira incidentally
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At the approcich of the cold fit, both our authors agree in
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observations are, I submit, evidence against the theor\- that
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Mr. O. B. SCOTT, of Pierrepont Manor, N. Y., is an accredited agent for the
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Another question is, Shall we do the Alexander operation? I am
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operator may be alarmed by this, believing that the tube has entered the
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custom of operating upon an inconveniently large quantity of
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dred pages on this disease, which will be tranmitted to the Surgeon General. The subject
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pages, price V2^ cents a copy, called THE I'HOMSONI-
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of lung in which tlie phthisis is seated, the })leural surfaces usually become
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1 have to thank Mr. Alban Doran for the great help he has afforded
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years in maintaining the said stables and in providing a
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long ceased to look for rheumatism in cardiac disease,
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affections of the mind are wont to show their power over the
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eventful period. The glorious mountains, the, broad rivers and im-
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B. cholerae suis appeared in the filtrates. In none of these six experi-
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country all the characteristics of an epidemic, there must have been good
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clinician alike and enables one to obtain all the essential informa-
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the results of treatment. Mr. Lake bases his descriptions upon the
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obtained is as follows : Ten years ago she had a venereal lesion, and
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(8) R. supramarginal and angular gyrus. J. S., man, aged 45 (Sir W. Cowers, Sir V.
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sand details. The work before us is a faithful compilation of
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to make ' ]u-ju ' agamst some disease— e.g., smallpox— which, in the
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the poultice may be placed over the heart, or the left
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leave the stomach for another five hours, so that at 4 p.m. barium will
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There were also some large ce'.ls tilled either with largo nuclei
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parts of pathology, however, the collection and j)ublication of
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creed, which has stood the test of time as one of the noblest protests
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fear. There are trembling, loss of appetite, nibbing and eversion of the
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disease to discharge its duties in such a way as to make its
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Roentgenography and Roentgentherapy — Two Complement-
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these mixtures have been disappointing. Few infants do well on


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