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^ seven weeks, and fur 6ve weeks has not taken any food ; has only drank
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done by the addition of calcium chloride and lime water, Salkowski's method.
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time that had elapsed in the men from whom the serum was obtained
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[Read before the Surgical Society of Ireland, January 17, 1835.]
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The symptoms in goats are essentially the same as in sheep.
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there may be complete alexia. As Dejerine says: "He recognises it by
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strong relief, the interstices being correspondingly deep, and occasionally
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spectors' visits would speedily bring to light ; and illness effect-
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spot is very sensitive to pressure at times, and the pa-
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Indeed, we shall see that the two most famous had actually a Tuscan
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April, 1846. It had been treated for scrofulous ophthalmia most of the
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N.York M.J. ,1883, xlii, 554.— Caselli (A.) Le resezioni
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not peculiar. Tiie lady made an apparently complete
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(b) Thoracic CEsophagotomy. — If the foreign body is definitely localised
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it. They probably are incapable of causing diphtheria,
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soft palate and tonsils slough, and a corrosive diarrhoea some-
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which Mikulicz reaches are, if possible, more favor-
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the constant application of the surfaces of the wound to each
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places saturated with liquid ordure to an amount scarcely to be estimated, and
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(c) " Principles and Practice of Physic." Fourth Editiou, vol. i., PP n.!>.
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acid upon bilirubin. The production of the colors (red, yellow,
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the walls of the blood-vessels and the circulating blood-
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stances, is inconsistent with the best ideals or with true progress. To
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At the top of each narrower column is marked the date
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from recommending or making use of the operation in all cases in
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down the side from the axilla, and divided the dull
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level or not — and that equability is, as a rule, characteristic
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evolving itself in particular ways, is not entertained by the author,
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pathetic nerves in vegetative functions, keeping them in
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cord on both sides were enveloped with this deposit also. At several points
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of six months he was perfectly well, but from want of a proper shoe he con-
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fro murmur at the apex, and a harsh systolic murmur
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hypertrophy, concretions, inflammation, tuberculosis,
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P. H. Ringer (New York Medical Journal) refers to a uni-
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rence of exacerbations of pain on successive days, a tendency
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translating — they describe the scene most effectively —
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wicked practice on the part of nurses, of squeezing them, under theerro-
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