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January to Ward of the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh under
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throat e. g. removal of hypertrophied inferior turbinate bones
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exudation and a chronic productive diffuse nephritis without exudation the
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are more extensive changes compatible with fewer evidences during life.
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of paracephalus in both of which the monstrous infant was one
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The children in all his six cases were delivered alive and left the
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standing its powerful hydrogogue effects it does not produce
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sis. Nor did Dr. Draper believe that within our time we
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but in other respects we have no fault to find. The list of
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out in recent investigations. First the shorter the barrel
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tached the neck denuded. The bone is then sawn with
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the recent rather remarkable cure of certain long standing and severe
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roaring than all the others combined but there is an hereditary
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a given temperature in any animal. The author further explains
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only a narrow green ring is formed around the fillint
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throat may be washed out by holding the little patient with the
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occur in privacy and it is not uncommon for a man to
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formation from the examination of the urine. Whether the chlorids
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and sensibility of a part upon which all the pleas
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Case LXXX. Hydatid Cyst of he Liver diagnosed by means of the
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those of mastication and those which move the eyeball. When the
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Success in treatment as justly remarked by the author depends in a great
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extensive work ever prepared upon the brains of animals accom
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was a little atrophied but all the other organs were normal. About
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Canada keep our noble calling clean. If we cannot succeed in it
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Baltimore Physician and Surgeon. July August September .
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Course. For a long time Ehrlich Dorpat we have differentiated
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ences the living cells of the tissues lessening their
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ov do not anastomose with nerve cells on leaving it form a different
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arterio sclerosis heart disease gout and the wasting diseases of children.
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water rendered slightly alkaline with sodium carbonate.
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It can not be maintained that the life of the patient is
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Department of Public Health Issues Regulations on the


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