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antrum. The discharge from this group appears anteriorly,
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monly happens that the sore extends at one edge, while it granulates
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and depression as those of incomplete and gradually-developing anaemia,
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general effect of the morphine is much more complete and precise, if it
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F.R.C.P., Consulting Obstetric Physician to St Thomas's Hospital.
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I do not agree with most recent authors in considering the ques-
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or occasionally the disease may be afebrile throughout. As
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pressure on the lower part of the abdomen. Generally, also, there are
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are often observed, and in most cases there is severe disturbance of the
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vaginalis, caused by the coexistent anteversion or retroversion. We
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which suddenly and temporarily greatly increases the anaemia. Head-
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is rendered more severe and intractable. It may even furnish the sole
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cerned, not unlike a bunch of raisins. The nodules were
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which have defied all previous treatment, are often made to heal, but
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tents of the intestines appear reddened from the admixture of blood.
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color. The cerebral veins and sinuses are full of blood, and the serum
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sciatica. Among others, Romberg speaks very highly of it. Neurot-
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long it will retain its full opsonic power. This was tested,
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altitudes (Davos) a very striking increase occurred, not only
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of inflammation, and contain polymorphonuclear cells. The
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price of such perils, faced sometimes knowingly and sometimes
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remains, which subsequently carries off not a few of the patients. In
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of simple catalepsy. The dread lest cataleptic patients should be buried
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stant anomalies in the stomach or intestinal canal ; at most, there is
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cortical and medullary substance of the cerebrum, which does not
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occasionally spreads, and why, after occurring sporadically for a year,
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tetanic spasms were promptly relieved, and there was marked decrease of
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non-gummous hepatitis. In the lungs, nodules, with cheesy centres of
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of the orifice may with advantage be protected against the
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apoplexy does occur even among children. Men are somewhat oftener
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tioned sometimes cause inflammation of the substance of the uterus ;
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(5) a palpable spleen, (6) albuminuria, (7) defective vision in
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paralysis. To explain this correspondence, the hypothesis has been
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ANATOMICAL APPEAKANCES. The exanthema begins as small, red,
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over the surface of the ulcer. The floor of the ulcer is a delicate layer
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of the lateral columns, together with destruction of the multi-
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opsonins were the all-absorbing subject of admiration and of work, follow-
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perhaps a single X-ray picture taken in the most favourable
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injured, suffered from convulsions, although not immediately, but


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