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different from mal de caderas, and one more like nagana and
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But that too much faith must not be reposed in the acid or cautery
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obesity in this way, generally gives 700-1000 c.c. (11/0-2 pt.) of the
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this method is of the greatest possible value. The reaction, being
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0, shows how many fold the efficiency is increased by a rise of one
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* [Syphilis is a commoner cause of a severe anaemia than is usually allowed.]
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for a brief period at the outset, while severe acidosis is being combated.
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Under the second head — the constitutional conditions admitting
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" Some have sought to prove, that the prevalence of cholera bears
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possible for the student, with a little trouble, to reproduce the more
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while, or may let the water run through the coil at a somewhat higher
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It must be noted, however, in connection with the character of
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I have myself given it in over 400 cases, and it is truly pleasant
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projection and is more rigid. It is dragged behind and is capable
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powder containing nearly two grains of the digitalis combination
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discussed as bears upon their rational treatment. He very properly
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and 1867) two papers on the use of electrolysis in aneurism, and I
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cavity of the curved canal, or nearest the line of the propelling force ;
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but not always obtained, and in only one of twenty experiments was a fatal intoxica-
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have shown that calcium, barium, and strontium ions inactivate the
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after repeated doses, so that the patient should be warned in advance
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pavilions are placed near to each other, as at a distance of only from
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Sir James Simpson, in reply to Dr Cairns, said that, no doubt,
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cate. The bath should at first last only 10 minutes, but may afterward
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cardiac cirrhosis or atrophic nutmeg liver often require repeated
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period of ripening before the filters were really doing eff'ective work.
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temperature was noted. In experiments III and IV passage was
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morbid anatomy of pneumonia — hepatization. In this view of the
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brevity, he calls these "compensated symptomatic heart lesions." They
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through a germ-proof filter, and tested on guinea-pigs for toxicity. Four guinea-pigs,
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rarely seen in our wards, and yet the treatment and prof^nosis are
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the snake-poison proved fatal to a full-grown dog in forty-three
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ful; e.g., green and dried peas and beans, potatoes (especially in
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In conclusion, the writers wish to express their heartiest appre-
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perience and investigation to the fast-accumulating stock of know-
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on the Riviera; the island of Lussin; the Gulf of Quamero (Abbazia) ;
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great extent, by the use of chloroform, and by the employment of
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The author, by his numerous special investigations, disproves
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activity of the skin by hot baths. Still, every chronic kidney inflam-
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possible to determine relative values or carbolic acid coefficients,
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petent to construct fresh albumenoids when saccharine atoms are
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cylindrical glass tubes (sterile of course) of definite diameter, and
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Switzerland: The Upper Engadin; Pontresina, 5997 ft., 1 hour's
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September 16: Loss of flesh. No other symptoms or signs of distemper.
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is marked by a clear area (PI. 3, Figs. 51, 52). If the forms tend
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Glycosuria and even permanent diabetes liave also been observed to follow
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In the dietetic section of the general therapy of diseases of the
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months, nay, years, after the attack, when any traces of inflammation


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