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aociety must increase -its membership until all regular physi-

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by, preserving useful organs and prolonging life. Credit was

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of space. Ordinary microbes are destroyed with 50 c.c.

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the Board of Health of Merchantville, died at his home in that

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Practitioner. Vol. xl, No. 2. 1899. In wjilch the gyromele was used

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object to which, by the terms of its Constitution, it

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instances, the exceptions are so few that the rule is as

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in animals inoculated with streptococci from 12 patients with

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into an agreement to notify the employers, in this place,

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serum. As absence of leucocytes in pneumonia is con-

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Following the Instruction of the last conference, your oommlttee

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even carmiu red. Strong acid prevents this reaction, giving

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M.B. (Camb.), F.R.C.S. (Eng.), Surgeon to St. George's Hospital,

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the Massachusetts Medical Society at the meeting of the Committee

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from the direct infiuence of mental depression; 2, that cancer

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these statistics in the future w*ll be supplemented

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using carafate and nexium together

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tients evidently recovered. In one case in particular,

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he will be provided with a room in a private family and sent

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of treatment for the diseases seen especially in every-day prac-

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results if, through its action, the Association had not

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Thirty-first Annual Meeting held in Sacramento, April, 1901.

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of Topeka, Kan., had presented a paper before the Medical

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committee of the American Medical Association, on national legis-

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10 Spontaneous ( ?) Rupture of the Spleen. Laparotomy — Death

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o'clock. As a substitute for the sodium sulphocarbolate

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In short, for the most part, the preventable deaths

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what Osier reported. The subject has been well covered

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prompt and remarkable retrogression of the lesions after sys-

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have sought to minimize it and to substitute for it

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the cases were unilateral and the lesions were localized to

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6. The Education of the Degenerate — A Physicobiologic

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