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Br. Ph. 18G7, the dried rhizome with the bases of the footstalks and

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CUNDURA'NGO. Condor Vine. A plant of Ecuador, the bark of

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The term tonicity is often used synonymously with elasticity, to

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The term strobilus is applied to the cysticercus of the brain, when it


INDIGESTION (in, nep., digerere, to distribute). Dyspepsia; in-

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1. Abortus. A person born prematurely — the result of aborlio.

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I nary resemblance of the swelling to a frog, or from the peculiar croaking

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oenanthylic aldehyd, is found in the products of the destructive distil-

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communicates with the nerves of the cranium. See Invertebrata.

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Friday, October 31, 1947. Total fluid intake was 3,120

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DISINTEGRA'TION (dis, and integrare, to make whole). Tho

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a tasty sandwich. The turnip can be used instead of

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tinued their use “as having no value.” Grier^ and

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of crimson stigmata, or dots, grouped in irregular circles, or crescents,

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becomes a perfect or independent cell. This is perhaps only a modifi-

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tions of the derma, and in many instances the emptied tegumentary

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species. Of this nature arc the cysts in the rind of the orange, the

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disease of all kinds even though the disease has been

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4 pe.brarum is a synonym for cctro])ium, or cvci'sioii of the eye-lids.

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SPERMOE'DIA CLAA'US. A fungus-plant, supposed to bo

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chlorosis, when the characters of anaemia and cachexia are combined.

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small-pox. Empyesis oculi is suppuration of the eye-ball. Strictly

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BRONCHIE'KTASIS (fipoyxos, a bronchus, lUTacrts, extension).

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A'GGREG/VTE (aggregaius, herded together). 1. Formed into

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master of a family had in his house; balnece and balinece, for public

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hours postoperatively. For both large and small bowel anastomoses;

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From the Department of Medicine, St. Louis University

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PO'STUMOUS CHILD (postumus, sup. oiposterus, coming after).

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moine, anti-inonaclms) , upon whom its properties were tried by Valen-

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Albuminuria, relation of to surgical operations, 232 ;

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Publishing Co., and when in sums of five dollars or less

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PSALTE'RIUM (xj/uXTi'iptov, a stringed instrument). Lyra. A

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dence in the history as being collected points toward

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COLI.U'VIES {colluere, to wash out, to rinse). Colluvio. Wash-

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external parts of generation in the female. Pudendal hcematocele,

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existing in the liquid condition, are caused to congeal by tbe application

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I common poisons ; it is frequently mistaken for Epsom salt.

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gynecologic office practice is endocrine dysfunction.


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