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•certain parts of the curriculum only are termed ** occasional students."
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In the paralyzed arm it is usually impossible to excite any* skin reflex what-
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matriculation as ordinary student from any medical faculty will suffice..
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remains for hours in a position suggesting a catatonic dement; the facial ex-
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produced with the aid of the sartorius and the tensor vaginas femoris (inferior
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I recollect a very severe case which was finally cured with the actual cautery.
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d. Ohemietry and Pharmacy, and a practical knowledge of Drugs 100
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state of irritation. This explanation is evidently forced and unsatisfactory,
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with his class, or be admitted to advanced standing, until he has
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With the anatomical work open before him, and the bone by its side,
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normal or somewhat diminished, but the tendon reflexes are almost invariably
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temperature of the milk while It is being pasteurized, and the length of time that the
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lens. 48 hours. .6Mj. Sec. a, M.,Th., 2:00-4:00; sec. b, Tu., F., 2:00-4:00; sec. c, W.,
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suMectfng that, agents vMte added to the product to destroy them. Koi^ver. their
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in the summer season, and who profess themselves ready to submit to
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to study one case thoh>ughly tiian to see a hundred superficially.
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an exercise in dictation. Ten errors in spelling (exclusive of technical
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Heat and Light. The Frima/ry examination embraces : Descriptive
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conducted in the Albert Merritt Billings Hospital, which is located across the street
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Median Paralysis. — Isolated peripheral median paralysis is seen chiefly as
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tebrae or removing the splinters of bone. In most cases, particularly in all
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EoYAL London Ophthalmic Hospital (Moorfields, E.G.), — Stu-
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Some approach to this bill of fare must be enforced not merely for a few
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thick, shapeless mass. Inside the glioma we sometimes find secondary hem-
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remain upon the half -pay list for a further period of six months without half-
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Abduction of the upper arm is difficult, the hand can be placed on the shoulder
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ported and gently restrained, etc. During sleep the choreic movements usually
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mental dullness. TVe may therefore still use the term " traumatic neurosis,"
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" artralleriry " instead of "artillery," and like blunders. In the later stages
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Pathology. — xlrteriosclerosis and miliary aneurisms do not develop in all
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also greater than the cathodic closure contraction (KaSZ), and the contrac-
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inclusive, Euclid books i. and ii., and one of the following : English
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special exciting cause, as after some injury, some physical overexertion, some
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of one series of ideas out of another in a natural sequence. There is apt to
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c Identify the sytnptoms of the conmon parasites of dogs and cats,
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completely intact. According as the disease involves one or more neuron
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sensory nerve, with its terminal organs in the skin for the reception of ex-


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