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cousin, the mediciner of King's College, having business of his own

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During the first half of this century hydrotherapy was

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witliout disfigurement of the patient. It also preserved the teeth, and there

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the eyes water, and occasionally &Jse membranes form on the conjunctiva.

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the region of the trouble. I trephined, therefore, at the left

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portion of the lungs was uncontaminated with tubercle. In many of

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I have not been very fortunate with them. Salol and

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have been a marked fall in the catalytic activity of the blood such as is

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alone, all successful — seven quartan, one tertian, Iwo quotidian.

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Also, to prepare geographical and geological maps of their dis-

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commence until the work can be pros?cuted to the end

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simply to the growth of the genital organs within it; and the

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parts of both vocal cords. He performed thyrotomy and curetted the parts,

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sera and adding complement under the proper conditions, and then

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subsequent anatomical findings. There was a complete absence of any

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to moderating future hospital cost increases. Hospitals car,

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be lower than the generally accepted values in the case of urine protein.

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requiring for their proper treatment the services of one

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Yet if, as stated above, post-influenzal meningitis be a very benign affec-

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•were found very much enlarged, and converted into a yellowish

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Coccidioidomycotic Brain Abscess in an HIV-Infected Man,

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the characteristics of type 2, about to be described.


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