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circled the intestinal wall, and at a number of points had

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presenting the disease simultaneously on the genitalia. One of the most

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side. In placenta previa partialis the placenta partially covers the

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is impossible to proiiict how much time will he neces-

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ed. it is assumed that the urine contains an unknown substance which splits

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to take the advisory post that is to be filled by Sir William

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be lifted in large folds. The color of the lips and

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are more liable to contract diseases, as this poison lowers the vitality

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GesichtslVldnicrkmale. Deutsche Aerzte-Ztg., Bei l., 1899,

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merely relieving the obstruction with an enterostomy or colostomy

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smaller cavities at the lower portion of this part of the bone, filled in the same manner.

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institution at his back; without the feeling that the king

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cough," says Finckler.*^ Short, writing in 1510, and quoted by

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He lays great stress on the proper treatment of the nasal

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respiratory affections likewise seemed to participate in the

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and at the time of operation, the tongue measured eight inches in cir-

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comparatively little to be said. It is the mere closure

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days or two weeks, being likewise softened and swollen by


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